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The Rothenberg Advantage


For 30 years, The Rothenberg Group has been one of Canada’s leading independent financial services brokers providing financial advice and solutions from almost every company in the country.  Rothenberg means local expertise, national presence and international resources to give you access of the most diverse range of investment products in the market place.
Being independent allows us to give unbiased recommendations as your financial well-being is our paramount concern and our primary goal is to help you achieve your long-term objectives and dreams.


Contact information: Click here to find a branch near you


5 Responses

  1. Would you please send me information ,concerning your add “If you are over 75”, the 9% guaranteed for life.
    Thank you

    Louise Engelman

  2. I would like to submit my cover letter and my resume. Please send me your e-mail address. Thank you.

    Elizabeth Ursulak

  3. I have a PLC with CIBC. I used to have prime (-) 1% and just realized that without any notice I was changed to the Prime rate.

    I looked at my contract and their is no clause that indicate that the bank can increase the premium above prime at their discretion. However, there is no line that confirm that the right is guaranteed.

    Since there is no clause, Do I have the rights to fight?
    Second, can they do this without any notice?


    • Hi Philippe,

      I received a note attached with my line of credit statement notifying me that the rate was going to be adjusted in a little more than 30 days so notice was given. My line of credit note that I signed where you would see your (-1) should have an asterisk next to it which would lead you to fine print telling you to look at the booklet that would have been given to you at the time your line of credit was signed. The booklet outlines that the bank can adjust the premium above prime at their discretion. My booklet which may be different than yours says that the bank can adjust the rate to as much as Prime +6%.

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