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Warren Buffett…New York Times Commentary

As history has shown, the biggest stock market gains usually come after the largest declines. This time has been no exception with the TSX up 5.5% for the week for the biggest weekly gain in 6 years. 

This article will no doubt be getting some feedback on airwaves around the world and was passed on to me by a couple of mutual fund companies where Warren Buffett discusses his own personal investment strategy during  these tumultuous times. I have provided a link to this quick read and hope you will find it informative and comforting.

The 3 posts that I have put forward this week all have links to 3rd party information of which the NY Times was responsible for 2 of them. I may be biased but I believe they are all very useful and informative during these volatile times.

To read the article on Warren Buffett’s investment strategy, you can click on the link here

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.


Have a great weekend.


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